Chase Freedom 5x on Lyft, Walgreens, and Gas

Chase Freedom

Chase has released their 3rd quarter categories that will allow Chase Freedom owners to enjoy 5x on bonus purchases. Starting on July 1st  through September 30, Chase Freedom purchases with Lyft, Walgreens, and Gas Stations, will net 5x up to $1,500 total for the quarter.


Honestly, I am surprised by the addition of Lyft purchases. I am not sure how many people will incur substantial Lyft expenses unless you travel for work. However, I love the Gas Station and Walgreen choices. Obviously, one can pay for gas at the pump to earn your 5x, but the ability to buy gift cards or household products at a local Walgreens is nice. There is a Walgreens about 15 minutes from my home, so I will definitely be going there. If you need a refresher, refer to my older post HERE on why I love the Chase Freedom card.

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