Another 100K points from Chase Sapphire Reserve

Chase Sapphire Reserve

January 10th marked the last day one could apply online for the Chase Sapphire Reserve and it’s 100K point sign-up bonus. Since I applied last year in the fall I obviously couldn’t reapply again. However, my wife didn’t get the card initially because we wanted to strategically ‘space out’ our applications. We really wanted to grab the 100K points before the sign up bonus reduced down to 50K Ultimate Rewards points. My wife was 1 card under “5/24” not including the cards she is an authorized user on.

On the morning of the 10th, she applied online and received the notice about reviewing her application. I advised her to go ahead and call the redemption line to speak with a representative to help expedite the process. After a 30 minute conversation and moving credit around, she was approved. The approval came at perfect time because my hiatus over the past few weeks is because we have been moving into a new house. We will easily meet the minimum spend with all the new home expenses and purchases.

Another 100,000 points

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